The Leela Palace Bengaluru goes Paperless Saves 3M prints a year and 30 man hours/week

Enhanced Digital Guest experience. No more missing Invoices. Efficient approvals management. Savings in paper prints and increased employee productivity.


Missing Documents and manual reconciliation is a pain and time consuming process. Furthermore, when a Guest raises a dispute for any consumption not made at an F&B outlet, our front office staff has to search from piles of invoices received from F&B staff post night audit. In almost all cases, the staff had to write-off any disputes due to time constraints. This impacted bottomline and Guest experience to a significant extent.

-Mr. Partik Vashist, Front Office Manager.

Premium Hotel: The Leela Palace, Bengaluru. India.

Ecobillz streamlines the Front office and F&B functions by automating laborious administrative task that impacted guest experience and our revenue.


A 350+ rooms premium 5-star property with an avg. occupancy of 80% was facing problems in managing processes due to paper based operations for nearly 300 guests checking in and out every day. Inefficiencies due to paper movement, missing paper trail, slow inter-departmental manual approvals were quite evident.


Deployed Digitization module to enable seamless Tablet based front office and F&B digital operations. All documents printed at Front office and F&B are digitised automatically. Enabled rule-based automated approval workflows for smooth inter- department approvals.

Mr. Kunal Chauhan - General Manager

Ecobillz streamlines the Front office and F&B functions by automating laborious administrative task that impacted guest experience and our revenue. The system ensures instant availability of guest documents and satisfies our compliance and SOP requirements. We made huge savings and achieved ROI within 9 months of implementation.

Front Office Digitization

Ecobillz Digitization platform works out-of-the-box and requires absolutely no change in existing PMS and POS software. In no time, the Front office staff was able to digitise documents and perform check-in check-out operations on Tablets. Documents can be queued in advance on Tablet devices to ensure everything is ready and accessible at your fingertips prior to the arrival of the guests. Guests need not wait at the reception anymore in long queues especially for group check-ins. Front office assistant can walk the Guest to their room while doing check-in on the way.

Real-time Accessibility

By automatically organising documents and data, Ecobillz enables hotels to operate in a lean, more efficient and sustainable manner. Documents can we searched, filtered and emailed to Guest from Ecobillz. A universal dashboard provides tonnes of features, that help staff perform routine operations, document approvals, check compliance and generate reports when required.

F&B Digitization and Table Management

Ecobillz can work with any POS software and digitise the F&B checks. In this case, checks from Touche’ POS were digitised and presented on a Tablet device. Guests were able to sign on the check for room posting and also provide feedback using Ecobillz feedback engine.

A unique Table Management System, lets stewards manage breakfast period chaos via automatic meal-plan bookings and reconciliation for resident Guests. The F&B team can book tables, merge tables, greet Guest by their name as they know from tablet who is sitting where and checkout tables more efficiently without all the mess involving paper checks. All digitised checks automatically get organised into the Ecobillz dashboard.

Ecobillz also automatically identifies A&G checks, discounted checks, Employee duty meal and processes them for further approvals.

Modules Deployed
  • Core Digitisation
  • Front Office Operations
  • F&B Digitisation and Table Management System
  • Contactless Operations
  • Advanced Approval Workflows
About Ecobillz

Ecobillz, a private limited company, is being used in almost all premium luxury Hotel chains in India. Ecobillz helps Hotels to digitise documents, streamlines and automates back office functions such as work flow approvals, account receivables, reconciliation and revenue audits, etc.



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