Renowned Hotel chain uses Ecobillz to Centralise Back-Office Operations

Digitisation of all revenue centres with no change what’s-so-ever Pre-facto Day-of-Audit process ensuring no revenue leakages


Hotel chain having multiple properties spread across different regions having a total room inventory of 4000+ rooms were individually generating enormous number of invoices and audit reports on a daily basis. The hotels used to send across paper invoices and supporting documents filed/bundled to the central office for auditing and account receivables purpose.

Renowned Hotel Chain in India

Centralisation removed dependencies on local man-power for back-office operation

  • No Real-Time Accessibility of documents.
  • Non-Standard SOP and Compliance.
  • Revenue Leakage due to non- visibility of individual transactions at Hotels.
  • High Receivables turn-around-time & loss of revenue in commissions.
  • Huge Manning requirement

Due to manual and a heavy paper-based process, the corporate office was not having real-time visibility into the individual Hotel’s operations. The need for additional information or to resolve disputes typically required back-forth emailing, phone calls and continuous manual follow ups causing huge delays in collections. With no control over ways of working at each Hotel, the corporate was struggling to ensure the establishment of group wide policies, SOPs and compliances.

  • Digitisation of all revenue centres with no change what’s-so-ever
  • Pre-facto Day-of-Audit process ensuring no revenue leakages
  • Automated invoice dispatch and reconciliation ensuring no commission is missed out
  • Centralisation removed dependencies on local man-power for back-office operation

Ecobillz is a plug-n-play digitisation platform streamlines and centralises all back-office functions automating laborious administrative tasks that impact guest experience and revenue. The best part is-It requires absolutely no change in existing systems and processes what-so-ever. The Ecobillz platform is designed to maximise the hotel staff capacity, saves time, increases productivity and in turn boosts the bottom-line.

Vice President, Finance

We used to have issues with searching and retrieving invoices from storage at the time of need. Average receivable turn-around time at each hotel unit was more than 180 days. Due to complex paper trail, the Hotel staff were spending almost 45% of their time in non-productive work. The internal audit reports always highlighted potential errors, delays and lapses in revenue control. We chose Ecobillz as it is capable of digitising in real-time every document arising from different revenue centres and it require no change in existing PMS and POS

Digitization of all Revenue Centres

The starting step towards centralisation and implementing strict control on revenue leakage is to digitise all documents being printed from individual revenue centres. Ecobillz enhances the guest experience by transforming each revenue centre at each hotel into paperless and printer-less operation. The digital documents are stored at a central location and can be accessed by authorised users remotely.

Automating Income Audit Process

Ecobillz transforms post facto-income audit process into a centralised pre-facto operation. The Ecobillz platform is configured to retrieve relevant income audit transaction reports from various sources and execute an automated logic to highlight discrepancies in real- time showcased on a customised dashboard. The income audit reports are compared with invoices generated from sources to ensure the correctness of data. The Ecobillz dynamic workflow engine ensures timely approvals for all discrepancies from respective departments. The pre-approval configuration in Ecobillz work flow engine enables central auditor to set-up real- time alert at the time of transaction.

Account Receivables (AR)

The Ecobillz automatically collects and collates necessary billing data and associated invoices from diverse sources to make it available to the Central AR team under individual user account. The Ecobillz platform automatically generates cover letter as per bill- to-company information and organise related invoices accordingly, thereby automating invoice dispatch, increase collection and reduce transactional cost and write-offs. With real-time accessibility to documents, Ecobillz automates rental income, commissions and reconciliation of Credit Card/TDS/TCS.

Centralisation | Standard SOP | Compliance

The platform enabled to off-load all back-office work to a central team. Ecobillz eliminated all physical paperwork, empowering central team to collaborate remotely with individual Hotels in a much efficient manner. A small team at corporate office manages the entire Account receivables, Collection, Income Auditing and Reconciliation for dozens of Hotels spread across different regions. With real-time visibility on each transaction at individual Hotels, the corporate team is able to tighten revenue leakages and ensure Hotels follow standard group wide policies.

About Ecobillz

Ecobillz, a private limited company, is being used in almost all premium luxury Hotel chains in India. Ecobillz helps Hotels to digitise documents, streamlines and automates back office functions such as work flow approvals, account receivables, reconciliation and revenue audits, etc.



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